Special Projects & Donations

Periodically, Prairie Wind Players will call for specific, targeted donations for our continued operations. As many of you recall, we recently completed major projects such as a new roof and a complete exterior painting job of Roosevelt Hall. Projects like these are often well-supported by our members.


Our current initiative is the replacement of the Grand Entry Doors on Roosevelt Hall. This project is to replace the 84-year old entryway which has reached the end of its life. Several short-term fixes have extended its life and sealed up drafts, but the time has come for a full replacement.


Roosevelt Hall Entrance

The project will fully replace the semi-circular transom window, double entry doors, and side lites with historically-accurate and substantially more energy-efficient replacements. Additionally, new structural components will be added to better support the signboard, removing the unsightly post between the entry doors and better opening up our grand entry for public access.

We hope you'll consider a special donation toward this project.