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There’s an old Irish proverb which goes like this: “Your feet will always bring you to where your heart is”.  OUTSIDE MULLINGAR, Prairie Wind Players fall production by John Patrick Shanley (Doubt, Moonstruck) is a sweet romantic comedy that brings life to this proverb, as two stubborn people living next to one another in rural County Westmeath in the Irish Midlands have difficulty seeing what is right in front of them. 


Two families, father and son, mother and daughter, have lived side by side for generations, working the same small patches of land, but a long-standing feud between the two families have driven a wedge in the form of a small strip  of “right of way” between the two families, and as the aging parents pass away, that leaves the son and daughter to come to grips with the love/hate relationship between them that they have been repressing for years. 


The language is deep, the emotions are honest and compelling, and the play is a story that can only be told in rural Ireland.  Casting calls for two couples, one couple will play the elderly mother and father, whose ages should be near, or be able to play characters in their late 60’s to 80’s, and the “young” son and daughter should be in their 30’s to 40’s.  Auditions will be held in Roosevelt Hall in Barrett on SUNDAY JULY 21st from 2:00 to 5:00 PM and MONDAY JULY 22nd from 6:30-8:00 PM.  Auditions will consist of reading short scenes from the script, or if you choose, a short monologue with a pronounced IRISH BROGUE, memorized if possible.   If you would like to peruse a script, please call Tim Ray-Director or Kathy Ray-producer at 320/986-2822 or drop us an e-mail at (


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